5 Tips For Playing Sorcerer’s Of The Magic Kingdom

My children started to play Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom in January of 2016.  When we were there for my marathon weekend trip.  We wanted to try something different so we stopped by the Fire House on Main Street to get signed up to begin our missions.


Top 5 Disney Apps

The following apps are must-have’s for your next Disney Vacation

1. My Disney Experience

From the day you book your vacation you can begin using the My Disney Experience App

2. Disney Play

3. Lines by Touring Plans

4. WDW Radio

The WDW Radio Show is a fantastic podcast for all things Walt Disney World. Hosted by Disney expert Lou Mongello, the podcast covers a wide variety of topics, from Disney World news and new attractions, trivia, vacation planning tips, features on Disney World history, special guests, and more. The podcast is easily available online, and also has its own dedicated free podcatcher, WDW Radio, available in the App Store.

5. Dark Sky

Florida’s weather can change in a minute, so it’s always good to have a heads up for when the rain will be coming in so you can make changes to your plans accordingly.  Or to seek dry ground before everyone else makes a run for it!


The Latest Tech Toys From Disney

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Perfect Sunday Morning Ride

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Working Like a Workaholic

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Case Study: Envato Website Redesign

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